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About IsraeI Drone Organization

Israeli Drone Organization – certified AIR operator, works with the regulator, the Israel Civil Aviation Authority.
Israeli drone organization is a non-profit company (Public-benefit corporation). The company was founded by Mr Itzik Ben Shabbat, co-owner of security company. Our team members of the organization are experts in the field of drones, computers and Hi-Tech.
Aim To integrate the Israeli hobby pilots into the Israeli aviation system, emphasis on safety regulations and knowledge.
The members of the organization enjoy professional trainings which they receive by our professional trainers.
We’ve helped pilots break into the drone industry with our F2F training courses and educational content.
Our mission is to help be a smart and safe drones pilot.

Our services for hobby drone pilots

  • Safety fly for recreational and business users.

  • Training's to Become a certified drone pilot for hobby.

  • Drone Training's for School students (Israeli Ministry of Education).

  • Resource guides.

  • Access to a community forum and a Facebook group where you can connect with each other and get inspired.

Our Provisional Services for business

Our extensive network can connect you to the industry to all relevant partners like manufacturers and service providers.
Our team members has a true experts in our field, years of experience in UAV and other relevant industries.

We can help use drones to push your business, organization or hobby forward by consulting of new technologies based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) & consulting for the professional industries. We will guide and assist you along the way to ensure your business is successful.

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