Drone Laws regulations
in Israel


About the law of drone flying in Israel


  • Fly regulations for hobby or recreation ONLY

  • Register your drone using this website link


Please follow the rules:


No-fly zone for any drones you can find at the following link



Read carefully the flight manual of your drone

  • Fly with full line of sight visual contact 

  • Do not fly over 50 meters altitude

  • Do not fly closer than 2 km from any airport or airfield

  • Do not fly nearby any airplanes 

  • Do not fly above people and buildings at least 250 meters range from them

  • Do not fly in no-fly zone

  • Do not fly carelessly in a way that will cause danger for human life

  • Do not fly commercial flights without license



Please read carefully and contact us when you arrive in Israel with any questions or doubts about prohibited flight zones.
Please note that third party damage insurance covers is your responsibility to take care of, after registration you will get from us an official permit for the Israeli customs clearance if necessary upon arrival at the airport. 


The process is fast and user-friendly.


Registration Requirements


  • Email address

  • Credit or debit card

  • Date arrived in Israel

  • Serial number of your drone unmanned aircraft

  • Name

  • ID number


Please contact us via email for any help!


Email: office@icd.org.il

Whatsapp: +972525076644

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