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UAS Operator's Permit

Take Flight Above Israel's Splendors

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Due to the ongoing war in Israel, we highly recommend checking on our website regularly for current updates about new regulations.

Starting March 2024, drone operators are allowed to operate their drones in Israeli airspace following the regulations accordingly. Primarily keeping 3 km from bases, airports and highly secured facilities. And keep a buffer zone from all Israeli borders of 30 km.


Kindly see our updated map below for current areas that are and aren't allowed to operate on. Stay safe and stay informed.

Experience the stunning beauty of Israel from a whole new perspective

To fly your drone legally in Israel, it's important to follow the regulations. As a tourist, you are allowed to use your drone for recreational purposes only.
Please note that using drones for commercial activities or research is not permitted.

Our team is here to assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation. We'll guide you through the process, helping you complete the registration form with your personal details and drone specifications. Once done, we'll promptly issue your permit that meets all the required regulations.

Within 48-72 hours, you'll receive your permit via email. Make sure to have a printed or digital copy of the permit with you when you arrive in Israel. You may be asked to present it at the airport.

In-case you or any of your colleagues need to work and research in Israel, you can contact us by email or phone and we will arrange a professional and a reliable drone operator to answer your needs:


For English calls: +972 50 552 6677

WhatsApp: +972 52 507 6644

We offer a comprehensive UAS Operator permit tailored to three key departments within the country:

Communication Department: Our certification process includes a thorough evaluation of your drone's functionality in accordance with the conditions and requirements set by the communications office. 

Customs Department: Simplifying import procedures For individuals who have purchased drones outside of Israel, customs duties may apply unless exempted. By obtaining our approval, you are exempted from paying customs duties, allowing for a seamless experience as you enter Israel.

Civil Aviation Authority: By obtaining our approval , you make a declaration of adherence to the regulations and guidelines outlined in the Israel Law, as well as compliance with flight prohibition maps. Our certification assures the Civil Aviation Authority that you are a responsible drone operator, committed to following the established rules and regulations.

Drone Laws in Israel

Before operating your drone in Israel, carefully review the manufacturer’s
manual and become familiar with the following rules: 

  • Maintain a visual line of sight (VLOS) at all times

  • Do not exceed an altitude of 50 meters / 164 feet 

  • Do not fly closer than 2 kilometers / 6500 feet from any airport or airfield

  • Stay away from planes, helicopters, air balloons, kites, other drone operators who are not included in your operations

  • Keep at least 250 meters / 820 feet away from people and buildings 

  • Do not fly directly above people 

  • Do not fly in no-fly zone

  • Do not fly carelessly in a way that will cause danger for human life

  • Remember that the permit you’re issued is valid for recreational operations only.

No fly zone (NFZ) map

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